Tribal Customs and Beliefs

Rayagada is a tribal populated district. It is the geography of the district which gives perfect platform for tribals in sustaining their ethnocultural identity. There are many tribal communities with their sub-tribes in the district with Kondhas and its subsection being the majority and Souras the second. There are many other tribal communities in the district which are insignificant in number still contribute non-native culture of the district. 

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Dongaria Kondhas, the most primitive sub-group of Kondhas, lives in plateaus of Niyamgiri hill range which covers parts of Rayagada, Koraput and Kalahandi districts. "Kui" is the language of Kondhas which has no written script. The people are mainly land dwellers exihibitng greater flexibility in forest environment although they have started to adapt to great tradition or modern civilization standards in many ways. Their has been an exceeding recast in their traditional lifestyle, characteristics of economy, political organization, usuals, values and world view over a long period of time.