Hanging Bridge

The hanging bridge in the Chekaguda village of Rayagada is the second of its kind in Orissa. Built in 2012, the 151 meters long suspended bridge has brought about 20,000-odd tribal villagers closer to the central city, by bridging the two shores of the Nagavali river. It is also called the Jhula Bridge. The Nagavali river has since become a tourist spot, and attracts the tourists to come and enjoy the serene environment of the river, the mountains around the valley, and the relative peace. The bridge is accessible all year. To walk on an architectural wonder and take in Rayagada’s natural beauty, this is the place to be.

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Minajhola is a pilgrim and tourist spot which is a little further away from Rayagada town but falls under the same district admiration. It is located at the meeting point of three rivers namely Vamsadhara, Chauladhua and Phalaphalia and houses a Shiva Temple. The idol is in the form of a fish called Minaketan, hence the name. It is a major pilgrim spot, given that Shivratri here is celebrated with much gusto. Due to its natural beauty, Minajhola attracts a lot of tourists also, to see the confluence of rivers, bathe in them, and picnic along the shore. Manijhola is 134 kms north-east of Rayagada, situated in the gudari town of Rayagada district.

Chatikona Falls

Chatikona is a small tribal village located around 40 kms north of Rayagada and falls under Rayagada district administration. It is surrounded by the Niyamgiri hills and offers tourists impeccable natural beauty complete with lush green foliage and a fantastic waterfall. Chatikona is a Dongria Kondh tribal village, and one can get to see marketplaces full of tribal arts and handicrafts. The Chatikona Falls attracts numbers of tourists and picnickers, and the Shiva temple near it draws pilgrims from all over Odisha, especially during the period of Shivratri, when it can be very crowded. While it is an all-weather destination, it is advised to skip the rainy seasons as well as the Shivratri month to avoid congestion.