Description of Our Community

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Blessed with the enticing gifts of nature like hills, lush jungles, rivers, streams, Rayagada district is a tourist’s paradise in every sense of the word. A heaven with meadows, forests, water falls and terraced valleys, thickly inhabitated by colourful tribals including many Primitive Tribal Groups. The scenic beauty and heritage on the land is an unexplored paradise. The systematic relationship between men and nature is a feast to the eyes of an outsider. The people of the district show unity in diversity of races, languages and culture. The Schedule Tribes living in the district posses dissimilar economics ranging from food gathering to settled cultivation. Their languages, dialects, societies and culture show inter-societal and cultural variations because of the persistence of ethnic mosaic formed by communities belonging to scheduled Tribes, Scheduled castes and other groups. A place of many charms, it is a thrill to the searching eyes with its own appeal. It is a convenient base for visiting places of interest in the district, especially the tribal areas. An avatar of Goddess Durga, Majhighariani is accepted as the prime, most important deity in this region. The Goddess looks fiery and covered with red vermilion. The devotees are given a vermilion paste on leaves. The Goddess uses a horse as her mount and is said to patrol around the town warding off all types of evil from her devotees. Local residents are said to hear the hoof sounds of the horse.

Hanging Bridge at Chekaguda is Odisha's second hanging bridge near Rayagada in Orissa, India over the Nagavali River.The hill also houses the bauxite mines which feed Hindalco’s Utkal Alumina Refinery project. Bauxite mines with reserves lasting for over 25 years … with one of the best quality bauxite with tightly integrated logistics between Mines and Refinery, the operating cost per tonne of Alumina is expected to be among the lowest in the world. Residing in such a paradise is something to be consistent as a blessing.

Summary of Our Project

With the earnest honor and pleasure, we the students of LAKSHMIPAT SINGHANIA PUBLIC SCHOOL have come up with this Cyberfair project with the objective of providing an insight into a paradise on earth "Rayagada". Clad peaks of heavenly mountains, panoramic view of rivers and greenery of the forests is something everyone crave to see. Rayagada is not only steeped in abundant natural beauty but also a resourceful medium for the current industrial era. Cradled between lushy forests and ghats this paradise is an experience that is at once sublime and aesthetically invigorating. With enthralling views of rivers, temples, and grasslands it portray an amazing view of nature. Well known for its scenic beauty it has various waterfalls that are magnificent and the peace of the place is incomparable. Beauty of these rivers  will leave you wanting for more. In order to offer the best experience to visiting tourists, Rural Works Division is presently constructing a roadside gallery at Baisingh Ghat. Once completed, tourists can enjoy the nature sitting here in its lap. From here, they can feast their eyes on a panoramic view of the entire town. Evidently it is a paradise unexplored.

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Our Computer and Internet Access


A. Percentage of students using the Internet at home:more than 90%
B. Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom:4-6

C. Connection speed used in the classroom:dedicated connection

D. Number of years our classroom has been connected to the Internet:more than 6

E. Additional comments concerning your computer and/or Internet access

“A good internet connection provided by the school helped us to collaborate with various community members while working on this project. With the help of a computer, we were able to collect various relevant information which helped us to accomplish our project on time.”

Problems We Had To Overcome

For working on this project we had to pit our sheer dedication to present the overall beauty of Rayagada. Having a great significance of its own it was a very challenging task to portray all its features as there are innumerable. Also it was difficult as we completed our project during the covid period and for which we had to take major precautions. This made communication a little difficult. Annual exams were alarming. Overcoming all these we completed our project. Collecting the pictures of the scenic beauties was also difficult as we had to follow all the covid norms. It would never have been possible to complete the project without the guidance of our teachers. Online meetings were to be conducted due to the pandemic. But "hardwork" was the only reason for our success.

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Our Project Sound Bite

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Earth has many heavenly places left to be explored. Rayagada being one of them represents the true beauty of nature. It is the origin of the tribals which shows its acute importance in the culture of our country. With out project we represent the significance of Rayagada and unfold the beauty before you. Our project is the medium to covey you the scenic beauty and industrial importance of Rayagada which is unknown to a large portion of crowd. It's  Food, festival, culture, dance and other elements are the signs that in this era of modernization we have not forgotten our roots and this proves that people of Rayagada have not forgot their origin and preserve the culture of their forefathers. Even the smell of it's fertile soil can summerize the beauty of this this before you.

How did your activities and research for this CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?

This project enriched our skills and improved our thinking capacity. While searching for the content we could learn a lot of new things. We learnt about the necessity to preserve our  culture. We learnt about the importance of nature. It also helped us to imbibe a sense of spirituality and honor for our culture within us.  Such projects always help us gain tremendous amount of knowledge.  Besides the contents of the website we learned to cooperate with others, work in detail, and become responsible. The project made us good learners. Internet had helped to gain a lot. Information from internet helped us very efficiently.  To explore and discover about whatever aspect we want to we were just a click away. It was a golden opportunity for us to explore Rayagada and know about its significance. Each one of us contributed a major part in the project. One of the most important thing which we got to learn was 'team work'.

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